by Dottie McElreath

Have you ever wondered about the world Adam lived in and how he felt as being the first creation that God said was in his image. Let's go back and see things from his perspective and see what you would have done if it had been you. Do you dare to look at another perspective and to just for a little while walk in another's shoe's? Meet Adam in all his innocence and in his guilt and you'll see he was no different from you or I, or was he?

I have a unique place in the history of the world as being the one to make the first sin. I didn't do it accidentally; I did it on purpose. The knowledge of evil is to do intentional sin. I previously only knew goodness and I thought I was happy, but let me tell you my story and you decide if you wouldn't have done the same.

When I was created, not born as you were, I was the only person in a brand new world. I was created in the earth out of the soil and then placed into the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:15). This was a special place for me to live in and there is nothing on earth now that will come even close to the beauty of this place. Words just can't describe it. You would have had to be there. Animals of all kinds were my friends and I ran with them and climbed with them tirelessly. It was not in my range of feeling to be tired.

Everything produced abundantly from flowers to fruits and vegetables. All of the animals ate the fruit of the field and so did I. Life was good. I had no conception of loneliness; but I did wonder why there were mates for animals and not me. I guess I would maybe have been better off that way, but without Eve, where would you be? You see I was master of all things in my realm and I was king of my castle until Eve but, before her there was no castle, nor a home for my heart.

I was among angels and God showed me how he created all things. He made all things and without him nothing was created. He would speak and it was created. We were created on the same day as cattle and beasts of the field and all things that creep on the earth. We were the last created and we were to have dominion over all things and my personality was a reflection of God in that I had love for all things.

God talked to all the life that he had created and told it to reproduce after its kind. In other words, he was pleased with it and created us to reproduce ourselves and gave us the abilities within our own bodies to do just this.

Let me tell you about Eve and when she came to be. When I became sleepy, I didn't understand it, but it felt better to lie down, so I did. When I awoke, she was there. God said that he had taken her from within me so she was bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. I was pleased and intrigued. She was everything I was not and after a time, my days revolved around her. She was my helpmeet not helpmate as it has been changed too. She met me as my friend and I loved her as God had meant for me too.

She was full of curiosity about everything and I tried to explain to her about the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We could have everything in the garden but fruit from the tree of knowledge (Gen. 2:17). I had no desire to die because I knew what it was, but, I couldn't make her understand and her insatiable curiosity would not be satisfied.

When Eve came to me with the fruit, I knew what it was and I knew that her body would start to change and she would gradually deteriorate until she died while I would stay the same. During the course of caring for the animals I had seen them die and I saw the gradual deterioration and eventually death. We were different from the animals in that we were promised eternal life and the animals weren't. I could not conceive of being without her and as I looked into her eyes, I knew I didn't want to go on living without her.

I ate the fruit and I felt the change in my body. The presence of evil was now in me and it was a dark place in my soul. The deed was done and now to face God with what I had done.

God had showed me all things and shame was not in me until I ate the fruit and I felt all the angels looking at me knowing what I had done. I had disobeyed God and I couldn't find a place to hide from him. You see you are accustomed to shame by the time you are full-grown and God didn't give you that either. Satan is responsible for shame (Gen. 3:7). The fig leaves we made were to hide in the trees with. It doesn't matter what you put on or how far you run, you still can't hide from God.

I didn't even think of lying to God; I was too awed by the jumble of feelings that I was going through to think of that. Besides, you can lie to everyone; even yourself, but you can't lie to God. When he asked, I told him and I know it would have been worse if I had tried to lie.

God spoke our punishment and each word was a weight falling on our heads. His displeasure was palpable to put it mildly. I think what hurt more than anything was that he placed an invisible shield (Gen. 3:21) over us that stopped us and all our descendants from seeing into the spirit world and the angels that were constantly around, I could no longer see anymore than you can. This skin or veil is not lifted unless you are in the anointing of the most High God and this is possible for you but alas, never more for me.

My marriage to Eve was the first marriage and the pattern we set forth was to be copied on down through generations until it came to you. The love he placed between us bound me to her with invisible ties. I could have resisted the fruit because I was not curious. I was happy where God had placed me and I would not have intentionally angered him but for Eve.

Eve was a joy and the light of my life and many times I looked at her and wished we still were in perfection instead of dying, but sometimes "I'm sorry" doesn't work. If I had it to do over would I? Yes I would because I loved her and she was bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. It is unlawful to control someone or impose your will upon another human being even if you know the outcome is not desirable. God gives us this right and we have to extend this right to all others.

I lived to see many grandsons and granddaughters and greats and greats and greats, so God was good to me. There were many little Adam and Eves and although my life was hard, it was filled with love and I felt blessed. I'm now in the cloud of witnesses with Eve and God forgave me, so don't judge me too harshly until you walk in my shoes.

I gave my life for Eve, my bride and Jesus, the Son of God, gave His life for the Bride, Heavenly Bride, New Jerusalem. God showed me the pattern and we walked it out. Knowing Jesus was coming helped me to bear my load and knowing you're walking your road out as we did it might help you. No guilt is too heavy to separate you from the love of God only you can do that so know that He loves you in spite of yourself..

Bible Study:
• Genesis 1:24-3:24
• Genesis 5:1-5
• Deuteronomy 32:8
• Job 31:33
• Luke 3:38
• Romans 5:12-17
• 1 Corinthians 15:22
• 1 Corinthians 15:45
• 1 Timothy 2:13-15

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