by Dottie McElreath

Come and walk in my footsteps and see what I see. Walk in my memory with me. I'm what you would call a nature lover turned shepherd for my joy and pride was with my sheep when I was young. I could walk and talk or sing while walking and they would follow me everywhere. We would climb hills and I would go to the top and call them and they would run over around and through obstacles to get to me. There's a verse that says that the violent take it by force (Mat. 11:12) and after observing the way my sheep would do I can understand what it means.

Cain didn't understand the relationship between my sheep and me and he used to call my sheep and get mad when they wouldn't come to him. Satan never understood the relationship between you and Jesus either and he gets mad when you won't listen and obey him.

I knew about the future Savior and how the burnt offerings were to be done and what it symbolized. I wanted to absolve us of our sin because I wanted the closeness back my Dad told me about. Cain said that he would do it with the food because we had never killed anything. He said that we'd be in worse trouble if we killed but if the sacrifice was OK later then why not now?

Anyway I took a lamb from my favorite sheep and I told God that it was His and I killed it and laid it down close to Cain's vegetables. Fire came down and burned up the lamb and there was such a different feeling after that.

Cain was very angry with me because he thought of it and God didn't honor him for it. Cain's anger kept building and exploded all over me. It wasn't until after I was released from my earthly body that I understood what was at stake. We were physical examples of Jesus and Satan and the mark on Cain was the mark (Gen. 4:15) of the beast. Just as Cain was a marked man from then on Satan is marked for destruction and you are now the sheep that the warfare is fought over. Listen closely for the Shepherd's voice.

Bible Study:
• Gen 4:2-25
• Mat 23:35
• Luke 11:51
• Heb 11:4
• Heb 12:24
• Rev 13:16-17
• Rev 14:9-11
• Rev 15:2
• Rev 16:2
• Rev 19:20
• Rev 20:4

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