God Hold This Nation

by Dottie McElreath

God hold this nation in your hands. 
We plead for help for the unborn lambs. 
Let hope be reborn in the hearts of men. 
Pull America back up again.

America was based on God,
And on her shores good men have trod.
We were blessed and we were free.
We preformed our destiny.
Now things have changed and men have fear.
We must go back, we must find God.

In our hands we have "In God We Trust"
In our hearts is "what's best for us."
We have left our morals down in the dirt. 
And all around is a world of hurt. 
We must go back, we must find God.

The fight we have is in the minds of men. 
We are surrounded by death and sin. 
We've lost the fight and Satan's won. 
We are being judged, we must return.

Brothers, kneel and pray today.
It's up to you, wrath's on its way. 
Things can change, but do your part. 
America has lost her heart. 
The blessings are gone, we are not free. 
We don't control our destiny.

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