Can we hear him buzzing through the bees?
Can we hear him humming through the trees?

Can we hear him in the voice of a child?
Can we hear him when all around us it's wild?!

Let's get back to that quiet place.
It frees us up, it gives us "space".

Quiet is a condition of the soul.
It's the condition that can make us whole.

Be still and know that I am God.
Oh yes, Lord, I said with a nod.

And off I went about my day.
To work, to learn, to laugh, to play.

It was the quiet place within my soul
That made me laugh, that made me whole.

It's the peace of God that gives me rest.
It's the quiet place my soul knows best.

So when my day is full and I feel tested
I go back to the place where my soul rested.

Back to the place of letting go.
Back to the place where things are slow.

The place inside that could "care-less"
The place inside that gives me rest.

He was in the child He was in the trees
He was in the humming of the bees

But most of all I have discovered
That it's in me - the peace - uncovered.

This great devotional was written by Paula Hannasch.