Lazarus Come Forth
by Dottie McElreath

How do you go on in your life with the trials, tribulations and persecutions that you have to endure? What is the use of trying when no matter what you do it doesn’t change a thing?

Come a little closer and let me tell you a secret. Why did Lazarus die? Did Jesus know he was dead or did he have to be told. Look!!

John 11 Jesus was ministering in the same area as he was baptized in by John when Lazarus began to get sick. Jesus told his disciples that it was not a sickness unto death “but for the glory of God”. Could Jesus have healed him from the distance that he was from him? Was he the SON OF GOD? Therefore he knew of the sickness and he knew minute by minute how the sickness was going. He deliberately stayed away two more days before he began to work his way back.

He told them in verse 11 that Lazarus sleepeth: but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep. No one told him that Lazarus had died. He called it sleeping but he had just said that this sickness was not unto death. If they had believed him would Lazarus have still died? Were they looking at the circumstances and thinking that maybe Jesus just did not know how serious it was? I’m guilty of the same thing, meaning I keep reminding God of how serious this is getting and I need for his hand to move just any second now, please, or maybe tomorrow or at the latest the next day.

He told them plainly in verse 14 “Lazarus is dead”. Was this serious enough then?

Thomas said unto his fellow-disciples, "Let us also go, that we may die with him." Would you say that he loved Lazarus when he was wanting to die to if Lazarus was dead?

How many fellow walkers have commiserated with you on the death, pestilence, defeats, wars and similar circumstances that everyone is surrounded with? Why? What’s the use of trying? No matter what I do it still ends up the same thing. Are you guilty? I am. My arm is raised in surrender. I’m guilty. My situation stinketh just like Lazarus stinketh. Is it too late? Didn’t Jesus say that it wasn’t a “sickness unto death but for the glory of God”?

Have you prayed for a job and God gave you that job. Have you prayed for a ministry and it seems that it is just dying like Lazarus, meaning getting sicker and sicker and it is slowly dying. Lazarus is in the grave and has been there for four days.

Martha told Jesus that if he had been there then Lazarus would not have died. Remember Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep in verse 11 and that he was dead in verse 14, so God also is aware of your sickness but is it unto death? Did God give you this ministry or this job or this spouse or this child. Well stand up and cheer because if he gave it to you IS IT A SICKNESS UNTO DEATH?

So your situation stinks. I would be willing to bet you that it doesn’t stink as bad as Lazarus stank. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. If he gave you these things would he not also resurrect them or make them live again.

I ran a food bank for Paulding County for three years and I was running over with food and helpers but I could not get any help with paying the utilities or rent. We fed upwards over 6,000 people but couldn’t get help from the local community. One church in Paulding County gave us $10 a month. I closed it. God didn’t close, I did. I was weary with trying to carry the load. God had decreed it to be but I gave up on it because it stanketh.

God would have resurrected it but I gave up. I turned my back on the ministry that he gave me so I let it die. He didn’t.

Even if you’ve planned the grave clothes for the funeral forget it unless you want to let it die and remember if you let it die, you did it, not God. You turned your back on your ministry, he didn’t. Have you yelled at him in anger because its dying? Learn to eat crow because you gave up, God didn’t.

Sometimes your finances get so bad that you go through a bankruptcy. Did you not need to get rid of that excess baggage? That doesn’t mean you did something wrong or your ministry is dying. God is just cleaning out excess trash.

Lazarus stinks so get as far away as you can so you can throw your hands up and say okay Lord I tried and look what happened.

Lazarus still stinks more so now because you blamed God. You get to walk around and around in a circle trying to find the mind of God when you need to just sit still like Mary did in verse 20.

Lazarus come forth and he rose up. Ministry come forth and you have a message to preach. Job come forth and you have work to do. Spouse come forth and here’s the mate God gave you. Now is any one of these any harder than the other for God to do. What do you think?
I think that Lazarus don’t stink all that bad and I will sit down like Mary did and wait on God because he is the Resurrection and the Life and life wouldn’t be worth living without him so lets emulate Mary and sit a spell until Jesus comes on the scene and restores life back to Lazarus.

I have a ringside seat that I claim all on my own because I don’t want to miss a syllable of Lazarus come forth. How about you? Want to sit by me or do you have your own stone to roll away so you can HEAR REAL GOOD “LAZARUS, LAZARUS, COME FORTH AND LIVE AGAIN IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!

Amen, Amen and Amen.

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