by Dottie McElreath

Yellow Rose

This year there are many reasons to give thanks among them being the fervent prayer that this year not be repeated in my lifetime. We have seen business start up and business close because of the hard year. We have often wondered if calamity happened because of something that the person did to cause it and I know that there are seasons in life just as there are seasons to plant, cultivate, reap, and store. Some families seem to have more than their share of heartache and happiness but God is the mediator.

When we are on the mountain we are happy and don't commune with God with the same seriousness or frequencies as when things are going bad. God does not send bad things our way. It is just the way life is. You have to come down off that mountain top to make you appreciate the view from the next mountain top.

It is all a learning curve. I have been studying on believing for the abstract and I have found that has no basis to life. Every time God gave me a gift I've been allowed to see this gift such as a car that was given to me and a house that I was just going to rent that I dearly loved. It made waiting for these things that much more real. I waited 2 weeks for the car and two years for the house.

If you tell God that you want to be in a situation where you didn't worry about money it just might happen that you get so sick that money is the least of your worries at the time. Or how does an angel measure wealth when it means nothing, nada, totally without value. Well God showed me what I needed to pray for and it was a stack of bills of varying denominations and it was not to be believed for in the abstract. Every time he promised me something it was real and tangible not a pie in the sky type of fantasy so this year is rapidly growing to a close and as this has been a very hard year both financially and physically I am ready to call an end to it.

Everything that has ever happened to everybody has been because of choices that someone made. As a child it is the choices that our families make and we are on the receiving end good or bad. I have spent many hours asking God what did I do to deserve this and the answer is nothing. Many times the things I have gone through has helped me to understand another person's feeling so that I could reach them. I have been in the depths of depression and it is a fearful place to be in but he did not make me stay there, he lifted me out and dusted me off and set me down to help other people.

My reason for being here is to make the rough road a little easier and to do this I need to walk it before I can find the rough spots. I signed on for this and in this respect I did ask for it. God gave me a contract many years ago and he told me to check off every thing I wanted to achieve. He did this to me in a dream that was more like a vision. Every once in a while when I've gone through a rough spot I see the line and I see my check mark right beside it. My reward will be when my Father says well done my good and faithful servant and it will have then been worth it all.

I will walk with anyone who wants the company but I hope there are many of you that do not desire to re-walk any of the trials of this year out again. I'm not a fearful person by no means but I am asking God it He wants me to walk this year again to please let me have an angel to cushion my feet every step of the way.

I give thanks for all my friends and all my enemies. I ask that each of our people that we have met and the ones we will meet in this next year know the love of family and the special hugs that only God can give. May He be close enough to dry your tears and seal them with a kiss and hug so your heart will heal.

We will dispense hugs all day too if you need us too and we praise God for you and I thank all of you that are acquainted with us for being here because if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here.

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