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The Fourth of July is celebrated throughout the land
A celebration of freedom like no other celebration
Our great-great great–great grandparents fought for a dream
If they could walk this land now what would they think?

Would they stand with their hands over their hearts and salute the flag?
Would tears flow down gaunt faces as they beheld their nations celebration?
Would the eagle flying free be an uplift in their spirits?
Would they still be proud to have fought for the dream and won?

We are a great nation although we are small
It's God that makes us big, not us
The dream that our forefathers dreamed is still alive in us
It has not faded or dimmed, but it sometimes sleeps

I thank God for giving us the dream
And for the courage to act on that dream
When we asked England to let us be free
Do you hear an echo of Moses saying “Let my people go”?

We crossed the Red Sea but it was not water
Through the blood of sacrifice our forefather did as Jesus did
We were cleansed and released
Just as God ordained

Let us give thanks to God this year
And give thanks to our forefathers
For giving their blood for us
And thank God for the dream that was born so long ago

Let us dream on about freedom
And keep that dream alive
Without the dream that God gave us
We die

"The Fireworks" was written by Dottie McElreath as it was given to her by God. She heard a man speaking as she wrote down what he said.
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