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A Time of Learning!
by Dottie McElreath

We have not sent out a newsletter in a very long time and I for one have missed this. Many things have happened since we sent out newsletters on a regular basis. We have been through many teaching situations that have been necessary for our growth. Everything is for the good of those who love the Lord even if it hurts. We had to close the Food Bank because we couldn't pay the rent and I think our time of learning that we couldn't help everybody was sufficient. We were discouraged for a time and God allowed some resting to take place. We have picked up food since 1994 and didn't completely stop until October 2000. During this time a tremendous amount of personal growth was done.

I realized that everyone deals with abundance and lack in their lives, not necessarily caused by anything they have done. Many people were and are born with physical defects, mental defects, emotional defects, and financial lacks. Very seldom if ever is a person born with all these defects. Therefore these have been put in place for our growth or for the people whose lives are connected with ours.

Many times it just doesn't seem fair when we are going through these things but God looks at the finished product and we are on our potter's wheel for perfection. Fire purifies and sometimes its hurts but always makes us stronger for having endured it. If I had to comment on anyone's problems I would have to tell them to pray that their tempering is quick and as painless as possible. If it is something for your good then face it and get it over with. That is the best advice I can give you because to tell you to ask God to not make you go through with it would be to negate the lesson that Jesus taught us in the Garden of Gethsemene. He asked for God to NOT make him go through with the trial but nevertheless let THY will be done and he was losing his LIFE.

Viewed from that prospect I feel almost like a wimp for praying about my problems. I've found that many times I can go into God's presence and just BE without having prayed about anything. Somehow God always works my problems out better than I could have and faster too. My anger could destroy people starting with myself and He keeps me because I'm not strong enough to keep myself. I am a person who hates to ask for anything even asking God for help so being in his presence serves the same purpose. Many times just taking a few seconds to say, "God I Love You," or "Hold me close to you today," will surround us with angels. Not to stop us from learning but to accept everything that comes with more peace and love than we in our carnal minds would normally do.

We all are here in this earth for out personal growth and we all have problems. The trick is to realize that although we look at people and judge them to have no problems we are not looking through their eyes therefore we can't judge their actions as to wrong or right because we have then set ourselves up, illegally, as their judge and jury. If you can get to the place where you can feel as Jesus did as He hung on the cross when He said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." Then you are truly on the path of Righteousness for His Namesake.

No matter what you have achieved in wealth, station, degrees or accomplishment it won't help you as much as just loving God will and can do. It seems like what I have most pleasure in and remember the clearest was the few times I moved over and let God's love pour through me to help someone in the middle of something. That is part of our riches we store up in Heaven. We are here for a short time and we have an eternity when we leave here. Daily, it needs to be our heart's prayer that we give out the love that God has blessed us with.

We can make excuses for our children, parents, siblings, and friends when we see them err. Can we excuse with love people we don't know? That doesn't mean accepting good and evil for Jesus didn't do that but still he rebuked with love and compassion. He changed a world that I for one am glad to be in. I feel blessed to be in this time when so much is being revealed. The love that God created us for is now coming out in television and angel stories. You can be an angel now any and everyday that you allow the love of God to work through you.

When I question God He shows me in pictures and sometimes in written words. He showed me a golden river that flowed lazily along. It never rushed but by its very nature revealed itself to be deep. He said that water flowed to its deepest depth and saturated its surroundings very much as love did. He said you couldn't be around love and not drink it, be washed clean in it, and be changed by it. He said our bodies were made up of water and love. The physical body gets sick without plenty of pure clean water, just as the spiritual body gets sick without equal parts of love.

I have a tendency to ask God what he wants me to do and then run when I find out while saying I can't do that. So, the last time I asked him what was next he asked why did I want to know because I would just run and hide again. He knows me SO well.

He showed me this river of Love and said for me to just become a leaf floating on the surface and just flow with the current. If I can just flow in God that is ALL I'm required to do so if you have prayer time and need something else to pray for then pray to keep me in that river. Maybe I'll look to the side and see you floating along on liquid gold down a lazy river with me. Hey there are real fishermen on that river. Peter and Simon had a good thing going. Come along the water's cool.
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