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by Dottie McElreath


I have a message to give you that God said you needed. If you need it, use it, if not put it on the shelf until you do. Many times we don't have as much time to spend with God as we want too and then we add guilt to our list of shortcomings. You know we all have a list of our shortcomings and problems that we blame ourselves for and we regularly pull them out to go over. OK, enough said already.

About two years ago God started meeting me at bedtime or 3:00 AM in the morning. Have you had trouble going to sleep even though you are EXHAUSTED. Have you regularly woken up at that time? Have you wondered WHY? Well, I have an answer.

God desires your presence with him and in His love He doesn't force you. You can keep denying Him this access and He will patiently wait in line for you to need Him or for an emergency to happen to put you on your knees, so to speak.

His presence usually keeps you from sleeping so that many, including me, have taken medication to sleep (Benadryl).

He gently led me into his presence and it was so easy I wondered why I fought for so long. I kept telling him, and others, that I didn't have time to spend with God. Can you believe that the person who created Me and Time would have to listen to this? OH, you too!?!

One night I was exhausted, and counting sheep wasn't working. I would get this sheep to the fence and he wouldn't jump over. God spoke and said, "THAT'S YOU". No that's not me, I answered. "OH YES" he replied. "You go just so far and you balk at the line YOU drew or your fence. I by this time was very much wide-awake. He said look behind the fence to the path. What do you think is down that path? It did look inviting! I snuggled down deeper in my bed. Was I dreaming? NO I had an invitation and I took it, now, I'm extending this invitation to you, because He told me too. If I'm invading your way into His presence and yours works for you then don't go with me. This is for others, like me, who resist change and fight against God's will in their lives. I'm working on it and part of my working on my will is submitting to His will and giving you this.

He showed me a path that wound through a pasture of high lush grass and rolling hills, we crossed a small creek that rippled in the sun. He, by this time, was walking beside me and His presence was just SO calming. He told me that He desired my presence even if I didn't need anything. He just wanted to walk beside me and enjoy ME. (I think he finds me funny, because it feels as if He laughs at my conversation sometimes.)

He told me that I could walk in a rose garden or sit by a fountain and He would be there. He told me to come anytime and He'd have time for me. He said "JUST COME"

Sometimes if I can't relax right away I start telling Him how much I love Him or how beautiful a rose petal is and the smell OH-h Praise God for noses. I love the scent of God. He smells just like a rose garden and at His presence the birds SING. I can come to this Secret Garden, just God and me and just love Him and He me. Little insignificant me.

Many people call me to pray for them because they say I get answers but I have a confession to make. I take them to bed with me and I lay them down before I walk in the SECRET PLACE with God. He said that he knew every one of them before I brought them out and He usually talked with me about them or gave me answers to give them. Sometimes He healed them but I confess I didn't pray about them, or most of them anyway. I don't have a special way with God but I do have a Secret Garden I go to. Will He keep you awake? NO, I find that I never get to the end of the trail. I wake up the next morning in my bed with the best sleep I ever had with each one better than the last and the presence of God around me all day in a cloud of caring and loving. This invitation is open to all that want to partake of this place and He said to let you know how so here it is. Take and use what you can and always remember that God never leaves you. YOU leave Him and the door is always open to come back. LOVE IS IN THE AIR IN THE GARDEN! "ENJOY"


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