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by Dottie McElreath

(Mat 17:20 KJV) And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Why aren't miracles happening? Why is there an attitude of acceptance for this lack? Why are our standards of who we place over us as pastors, preachers and teachers so lax? When God accepted priests they were Holy or dead and we accept anyone that says he was called to preach so we get what we pay for and whether you pay this person or persons or not, you still pay spiritually for what you get.

When Jesus was teaching his disciples he told them if they had faith as a mustard seed, (Luke 17:6 KJV), and where two or three or gathered together in my name (Mat 18:20 KJV), or let the elders of the church come together and pray for this one and he would be healed (James 5:14). The weight for holiness was put on the disciples not the people. The priest went into the Holy of Holies for the people and then came out unto the people but first he spent time with God. We don't require our people to spend time with GOD. We accept that they are called to preach because they say they are and we then get man's word and man's ideas and God gets left out again and we stay spiritually bankrupt because we have nothing.

When Jesus did the parable or example of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:20-26) this was a teaching parable not an actual reality. We have people who are rich in knowledge of God and they keep it to themselves and let the people that are begging for a few crumbs continue to starve. We have an endless supply of stale bread, just turn on the radio and you can eat your fill but it's not life and you will die in your sins because it has no life to sustain you. How do you fix this lack in your life? By bombarding heaven for knowledge until you get help and then never settling for leftovers. (Mat. 7:7 & Luke 11:9)God is still talking and He's never given up on you, you gave up on yourselves. Unless you care enough to cry for help He will leave you as you are, locked in your misery and whining because of your circumstances.

I am not kicking you while you are down and don't worry about not having faith because the disciples are the ones commanded to have faith, not you. YOUR only requirement is to want out of your situation and to allow God to enter your life and change things around.

I have fussed about the religious system and how it has robbed the people. And God has let me know that if I can't arm you with the knowledge of how to change your life and I sit here with my knowledge; then I am the rich man who refuses to share with you. As the rich man, I will sit in hell and so will you. I help feed hundreds of families a month and yet I don't share the knowledge that would help them more than food and if I offend you than get over it because I must teach and you decide what you must do.

I have attended services where we were told that if you said words in a certain way that God would obey. Oh, it was not said in exactly that way, but that's what it meant and I thought maybe, that'd work. Guess what, it didn't; so, back to square one, at a loss.

I can tell you from experience that you will change your life for Him first and then He will change your life further and give you more than you ever gave Him. So you control your life on this earth and everything that has happened to you thus far has been exactly what you asked for.

Many times the things we go through are our teachers (Isa. 30:20) and when we learn what we need too, then we go to a higher level and get to learn a few more things. If we love God (Mat. 22:37-40) with our whole beings then He begins to perfect us by having us learn to put other people first. You see, you must become a servant first in the kingdom of God before you can become a son and many times the first thing that needs to go is your pride so therefore hard times are on the way. When you can look at every circumstance in your life and say truthfully, "Thank You for teaching me this," then you can leave that experience behind and go on.

As you travel this road you will find that you don't have a lot of people keeping you company because it's a lot easier to sit in the dust on the side of the road then to keep walking. Remember that the serpent was to crawl in the dust for all eternity (Gen. 3:14) so Satan will keep you company and you are His meat for as long as you sit there. If that's where you prefer to be, don't let me rain on your seat and change forever your eternity, if you're truly happy, that is.

So if you're a preacher and you want to help your people then your first priority is to get to know your Master personally before spreading the table for the marriage supper of the Lamb. (Rev. 19:9) You will have your part in the lake of fire (Rev. 19:20, Rev.20:10, 15, Rev. 21:8) with all the other false prophets But all is not lost because this fire is a purifying fire and you will either allow yourself to become holy or die as the priests did in the Holy of Holies.

We have many people who are going through this purifying fire now and I thank God for you and I thank God for every trial that you have gone through because we need you to be holy for so many babies that are coming in and for children that the other ministries have thrown away as unworthy.

WE ARE going to experience some very bad times because of the purification that is coming upon the earth and we as a people, unless we die first, will see this in the next two years. God said He would take the evil from the earth and therefore if you're holy you are in fine shape, but you owe it to your brother to pray for him so it becomes easier to walk for you are your brother's keeper and if you knowingly don't pray and he dies in his sin then his blood is required at your hands. (Ezek. 3:20) Oooooh-h-h, the blood that stains every one of us.

Ask God what He sent you here to do and then stand still and receive your answers. If you know what your ministry is then you can quit wasting time on meaningless pursuits. Bless you for allowing me to serve you in the capacity that I'm called to do.

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