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by Dottie McElreath

I feel a need for encouragement and a spirit of thankfulness. This is a time to look back to what has happened in my life, as it was then and what is now and for what it will be. You know, as we look back on our spiritual walk with God, there is an encouraging spirit that pervades your soul, for you can truly see the times he has carried you through bad times when you saw no way out. Let us go a little deeper and analyze why and how we got through those times.

Where were you when God looked upon you? Were you worthy of such a look? No? Well I wasn't either.

Moses reminded his people of where they had been and in that reminding you know he had to wonder, why them and he had to wonder often, why me, to guide such an unruly group? "I was a murderer and you chose me, Lord. Why?" Can't you hear him?

Haven't you disqualified yourself also? It's a good thing God did the choosing, right? God’s can see something inside of us that we are not aware of and he calls that spirit forth in his time. Amen.

So, how far have you come? How many spiritual miles have you walked? How many encouraging words made those miles easier? How many times did other fellow walkers carry your burdens? How many times did you carry their burdens to the Lord in prayer. How many times did God answer those prayers or give grace sufficient for the need? How much do you value your brothers and sisters? Tell them, they need to know. In encouraging our brothers and sisters we can give them the knowledge that they are appreciated in all they do. We can look back and we encourage ourselves. Okay. Where are we now? Are we on the mountain or are we circling it? Are we where he wants us to be? Are we sitting down on God or with God.

Even if you know your leaders are walking with God they still need you for it is mighty responsibility to stand in place as a spiritual leader over the sheep that God has entrusted to you. Ask any spiritual leader if they feel a tremendous responsibility towards God and the people and if they are doing what God has told them to do they will tell you YES. It is an honor to have God trust you and you pray daily that he holds you in his hands so you don’t make a mistake with his lambs so hold them in your prayers and tell them how much they mean to you by doing the job that God gave them to do.

Deuteronomy 1:38 But Joshua the son of Nun, which standeth before thee, he shall go in thither: encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit it. Moses told them to encourage their leader, Joshua. Moses had been discouraged many times and Joshua had helped him carry the load. Joshua was now going to lead and Moses knew that his load would be heavy. If Moses needed someone to help why would we not think our ministers, pastors, teachers, preachers, and others that are charged by God to watch over us would need us to hold them up to God’s hands?

Deuteronomy 3:28 But charge Joshua, and encourage him, and strengthen him: for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which thou shalt see. Moses told them to strengthen him for he goes before the people and he shall cause them to inherit the land. How do you strengthen your leaders? Through prayer. If your spiritual leaders are causing you to inherit the land, then keep them in your prayers.

Are you not a spiritual leader before your friends and families? Do you not get weary of the load, of course, you do. Our prayers are to be directed to strengthen our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Where are you going? That one is easy. You are going deeper into the things of God. You are not going to be disobedient to your calling. You have looked back and built your faith for you've encouraged yourself. You know where you've walked and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in the plan of God.

I walk through my memory of where many people were when I met them and how much stronger I see them now and I praise God for them for without them I wouldn't have walked as far or sustained as few injuries as I have. I lift them up before the Lord for a strengthening in their bodies , in their minds, and in their spirits. I ask that they continue in their spiritual journey, the goal is the vision that God gave them for their life. I pray that they continue to serve Him, they are doing more than they will know in this lifetime.

Discouragement is from Satan, when you feel it coming on, or you feel depression coming on, serve God as He has called you to do. That will be your way of resisting Satan and he will flee, your discouragement or depression will disappear.

Revelation 22:14 Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. Revelation 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen!

To walk with God is a privilege and a blessing. It is never dull as He shows you delights in the spirit that truly feeds you. May God hold all of the ones who held me when I was a fragile spiritual baby in the Lord for I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Encourage your leaders for God may soon call you also to join the ranks of his elect. If you serve God he will make use of you to the extent that you will let him. You are the one who sets the boundary as to how far you will go in serving him. Your lifetime is all the time you are allotted on earth. Don’t waste a single day in doing what God has called you to do. Some people will only pass through your lifetime once so be ready if God asks you to do something for that person. Maybe an encouraging word or a caution that they are straying off the path. Smooth the path when possible and never forget to be thankful for your fellow travelers. Until I meet you in the spirit I ask God to hold you in a hug from me.

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