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The Good Samaritan
by Dottie McElreath

This last year there has been a shaking in the ministries and there have been a lot of people hurt and many people have left their churches and people are wondering what's happening.

Well the wheat is being separated from the chaff. This is not the same as the tares. The tares are people masking as sons of God and their actions are revealing them as what they are because of the pressure that God's exerting on them. We expected this but we didn't expect all the hurt that has happened within the body of Christ. By this I mean the people we know are doing the very best they know how to do and still, they've been hurt this year.

A kernel of wheat is a complete compact unit that is wonderfully made. In its infancy it is very delicate but as it matures it changes color. It then can be made into bread and replanted for a reproduction process. A Christ like person can be used over and over again. They can teach as manna to bring life and they reproduce other Christ like persons but in each case they must give their all. If they hold back from God then they must need to go through the process of growing all over again until their will becomes God's will and they are obedient, as good sons must be.

The chaff is excess baggage that we all have. It is tradition, superstition, pride, habits, prejudices, etc. See, we all have it but shaking it off we just don't do. Our excuses range from, "I've always done it this way," to, "I don't know how to change the way I am."

God reveals problems in our lives by either revealing them to us or revealing them to others. Many times the people that our problems are revealed too have the anointing to either talk to us about our problems or take it to God in prayer and sometimes they do one or the other and sometimes they turn against us because of our weakness.

This year has been hard because of these revealings. I've seen a side of people that I didn't know existed and my instinct is to stay away from them so I won't get hurt and this is wrong of me and it's wrong of you too. God reveals this to us so it can be corrected not punished.

We are all in this together as a family and we can stand up for each other or we can all fall together. Sit down and make a list of all the people who have let you down or hurt your feelings or hurt someone you know or have just been themselves and can't help it. Take it to God in prayer and forgive them. Forgiving others brings forgiveness to us and if you take these problems with you into the new year you are still holding chaff in your heart and stopping the blessings that God has in store for you for the coming year.

We are all our brothers keepers, if we see our brother hurting and we don't want to get involved whether it's physical or spiritual and we walk away, then we are no better than the priest or the Levite. Jesus used this parable to show us that these were His people called by His name, this means us. This certain man is you and this certain priest is you and this holy man (Levite) is you. We all play different parts in this life and how much of what you say and what you do depends on you. You can talk the talk but walking the walk is hard to do all the time. We each have a vulnerable area of our life and we all need each other.

I can't make it without you and maybe I can help you make it through. If we each put a hand down to help a brother up, it may very well be that the brother we help in a round about way is ourselves. I can now look forward to the next year with an expectant heart because I am using this last year as a stepping stone. Come on, step up. Explore in the spirit where you have before said “I wish God would use me in that way”, maybe he’s waiting on you to want this enough to shake off the chaff and be a grain of wheat to be planted for other wheat to sprout from.

I will tell you the vision that preceded this. I saw a huge field of wheat where the wind made waves in the wheat. From a distance it looked like the ocean in yellow. There was a pathway through the wheat and I walked down. As I looked down at the wheat closest to the pathway I saw a face in the top of the wheat like a sunflower surrounding a small face. There were different heights on faces but each turned to follow the sun on its trip across the sky. A voice spoke and said “Harvest Time for my people”. I felt so blessed by seeing this and the field was so beautiful.

I ask for the blessings of love and peace that comes with eternal salvation to be in your households and I apply the blood to the doorposts of your houses in Jesus Name. May a reconciliation between families both spiritual and physical be resolved and forgiven this day. I apply the Balm of Gilead to all the bruises and command healing to begin this day in Jesus Name!
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