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Your Strength is Your Weakness
by Dottie McElreath

Did you ever feel sorry for Judas Iscariet? Have you ever been glad it wasn't you? Well, for some of us, it was only the grace of God that kept us from doing the same thing.

Judas was there because of his weakness for money. If it had not been him, it would have been John or Peter or Mark. You see God used his weakness to achieve His goal. He allowed Satan to enter his heart through this weakness and the most dastardly deed in history was done. Judas was healed of this weakness when he brought the money back. This proved he had victory over his weakness but it was forever and always too late.

David had a weakness for women and much as he loved God he was still dealing with this weakness. Because of Bathsheba, a murder was committed and David had to look upon his sin and deal with it. David was healed of this weakness in that there is no record of anymore wives after Bathsheba.

Moses was a very humble man before God, yet he still had a weakness, anger. His anger caused him to murder an Egyptian and he still kept it. This anger then cost him the Promised Land. Moses repented for his rash words but the deed was done.

I have heard references made to these people as to how bad they were but how different are they from us? They were under the law and we are under grace. This grace is all that preserves us.

God used their weakness in a way that they had to look, really look at what they had done and why it had happened. When he lets us do something that makes us feel lower than low, then we have to acknowledge that we are not perfect and God's still working on us.

If you never knew there was a problem in your heart, would you change? Let's face it, we can excuse things within ourselves that we wouldn't tolerate in others. We have less tolerance for our brothers and sisters in Christ than we do for people out in the world. I, myself, have felt that as children of God, they know better. I have a tendency to want to shake them a little.

We can't change the way people are and we can't allow their way of being Christians to hold us back. We need to go before God and say, "Show me my heart and help me deal with it." We need to ask Him to nullify everything that would hold us back from walking in total victory. Did you know that as long as you have a weakness that Satan has access to you? Anytime you step out from under the blood you are a walking target.

This call to perfection that we're walking in is a life-changing walk. You thought you had come a long way, but I tell you this day you will walk as Jesus walked and you will be free from all earthly desires of the flesh that would come between you and God.

Things in the spirit are speeding up. As you think it, so it is. Sometimes I feel like saying, "Wait a minute God, let me understand this." Then in the next minute, I want to know all, but I know that with the Wisdom of the Lord comes perfection and I wouldn't trade places with anybody.

When you come to understand that God has a calling just for you and a talent just for you or a song that needs to be sung just the way you do for just the person who's climbing that mountain right behind you, than you come to understand that we all need each other. Sometimes I'm pulling on you in the spirit to come on and some times I feel you pushing me to go faster because you feel the pull of the anointing too.

You know in heaven we're going to compare notes on how fast and how far we came and how much we helped each other.

Last month during our closing prayer, I saw the Death Angel passing over and I know four people that have died and in my own family one who almost did, so it is getting serious.

I feel to tell you that you are a lot closer to God than you know of and you are seeing your pathway clearer than you ever have and the way you thought it was going to be isn't the way it is. You're beginning to understand you're going to do it God's way and I feel a joy pouring out upon all of you as if a mighty flood is coming and I claim it for you in the name of Jesus.

When Satan tries to discourage you, and you feel like crying, laugh and laugh and laugh because God is on the scene and you have the victory before you ask. As you think it, God will grant it in Jesus' Name. I can feel a love flowing from soul to soul to soul and I can see what looks like water and it is washing your souls with love and it is beautiful. This is the crystal river that flows from the throne, from the heart of God to the innermost part of your being and you need to just open up and let God minister unto you. This will flow not once but several times as you allow it. Please don't block what God is doing in your life. Please let it flow and overflow through you to others and feed His children. They are starving for lack of a word from the Lord.
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