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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

God bless your day and all the members of your household. May the teaching that you receive bring life and hope to you. This is a teaching ministry that transcends all belief systems and as such we have no boundaries as to what the spirit of God may teach us. He said unless we become as children we cannot enter His kingdom and a child does not censor its parents' voice to see if this is what it wants. A child accepts the parent as its protector, mentor, friend, and father with love, just as we do, or as we are supposed to do. Many times we question what God is trying to teach us, Yes, even me, but I'm learning that He knows best for me and in turn best for you.

In this teaching you are about to embark on, as it is a learning journey, keep your Bible by your side and refer to it constantly and keep your spirit open for what knowledge the Lord will impart to you. So, now sit back, rest on God and prepare to eat. Again God bless your day and every day of your lives in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.