Healing for the Natives

Healing for the Natives

Message Confirmed With Signs And Wonders Following

So what caused my friend who is a white man to get interested in Native American ministry? In his own words:

I saw the Glory of God revealed at Celilo Park which is near the Celilo Indian tribe. I was there for one Saturday out of the three day camp meeting that they had. This four day event in total was a commemoration of the 1840 revival among the Indians that preacher Jason Lee conducted as an evangelist. The purpose of this event was to reclaim the Spirit of Revival that the Indians experienced during the 1840 meeting when something hot came down from Heaven and the Indians threw down their tomahawks and asked for forgiveness and went out into the bushes to pray. It sounded like birds singing. Were they singing in the Spirit?

Now here is a summary of the Saturday I spent at this Holy Spirit filled revival meeting (facilitated by Lockley Bremner and Aaron Auer) near Celilo Park in July of 2011: What a wonderfully glorious day it was filled with signs and wonders and healing. I will never forget it. There was a community parade in the downtown area of the Dallas, Oregon at the beginning of the day. It was raining before the parade, but the rain stopped and the skies cleared when a prayer commanding them to was spoken by those involved with the revival just before the parade started. Thus everyone at the parade could enjoy it and see the "float of reconciliation" go by that the Indians and whites at the camp meeting had prepared for the parade.

Later at the afternoon camp meeting Lockley Bremner was also struck down by the power of God two or three times at the beginning of his sermon. Thunder also rumbled during the several sermons given by about three people during the afternoon worship meeting (Aaron Auer who had already been given the name "Pure Thunder" was one of them) and the thunder demonstrated who was really speaking at this revival meeting (God). Furthermore, one of the people at this afternoon meeting was a descendant of a white family who came to this particular area many years previously and carved out a life for themselves at the expense of the Indians living there. She got up at the meeting and asked for forgiveness from the Indians for what her ancestors did. They forgave her.

After the afternoon worship meeting we had Holy Communion followed by a baptismal service down by the Columbia River. Each one of us poured out half of our cup of grape juice in the water and on the land as an act of prayer to bring healing to both the river and the Indians who live in the Celilo Indian Reservation because of the injustices done by the European settlers to the Indians in the area. After the Communion and while the baptisms were talking place one of the people who had also attended a similar service held at Wounded Knee, South Dakota tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the skies. When I looked up I saw a cloud in the shape of a feather with no other clouds in the immediate vicinity.

He told me that the same lone feather sign hovering above appeared at their Healing For The Natives meeting at Wounded Knee, South Dakota which took place a year or two ago. So this was a sign from God that he loves the Indians and wants healing to take place and wants the Indians to come to know him so that many Native American Christian churches are planted, equipped, and revived.

So in conclusion, through these signs and wonders that took place at this Native American ministry gathering in July of 2011 the Lord confirmed the messages and sermons that were being delivered at this important event just as he confirmed the Gospel proclamation in the Book of Acts with signs following. These signs and wonders confirmed that this time together meant a lot to God and he wants salvation and healing to come to the Native People in the U.S. through both the Gospel ministry of whites and Natives as God had intended at first, and that God intends that both reconciliation and healing occurs between the Native Americans and the descendants of the European settlers who came later.

The White People who first came to America were supposed to live in harmony with the Indians and bring the Gospel to them so that even the fierce Indian tribes could have been won over to Christ and thus have lived at peace as Christian brothers and sisters with their white brothers and sisters and with other Indian tribes. America could have been a city set on a hill and an example of mixed racial brotherhood and harmony before other nations if evil greed had not gotten a hold of certain influential white men, and if the out of control U.S. federal government acting through bad president Andrew Jackson had not come up with "Manifest Destiny", break over 700 treaties with the Indians, and conquer the Indians using policies and laws that God never intended for the Native Americans.

All the sins against the Indians by the Whites in collaboration with the U.S. government resulted in the sovereignty and freedom of the Indians being taken away from them. Their way of life in harmony with nature was stolen from them and it was placed on the altar of expanding white civilization that brought curses to America (one of these curses was detailed in paragraphs five through seven on the page on this site: http://www.thefirstthanksgiving.org/ar/healing-for-the-natives-ministries.php. The expanding White civilization fueled by greed also brought environmental pollution, greed for gold and modern comfort, harmful pharmaceuticals, prisons, fiat currency that is being debased by inflationary policies, processed food with chemical additives, and other destructive things to both man and nature on the North American continent.

Instead of adopting a policy of respecting the Indian's way of life and trading with the Indians by bringing the Gospel to them and receiving instruction from the Native Americans about how to live in harmony with nature as a nation of small farmers as Thomas Jefferson wanted America to be, the white man failed to follow through on their calling to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Book of Heaven to the natives who had a way of life in harmony with nature for hundreds and hundreds of years on the North American continent.

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