Lorraine and Joel  Fast Holding RosieAs a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, I found friends and relatives consistently came to me with a request—to talk to their children about some things many parents have difficulty discussing: puberty, self-esteem issues, peer pressures, and of course, the subject of sex. Somehow, I was able to convey the right words without stumbling too clumsily, and thankfully, the message came out—loud and clear.

In 1982, I decided to write a series of small books on how to effectively talk to children about these sensitive, but necessary issues. I began my research on the topic of sexuality, knowing this was a hot topic with the kids. When I came across a word I was unfamiliar with, “pedophilia,” I looked it up in my dictionary and became physically ill at the thought of what this word implied. Disgusted, I tried to push it out of my mind. But I found that ignoring it was like trying to ignore being in the path of a ravaging tornado.

I engaged in intensive research and located a support group, Societies League Against Molestation (SLAM). My life has not been the same since I began interviewing child victims of sexual abuse, adults who were sexually abused as children, family members of the child sexual abuse cases, and many professionals who work to help these brave individuals. I witnessed many survivors climb out of the pit they had been cast into by pedophilia (child sexual abuse). Once I realized the enormity of this problem, I continued working with local police departments as well as county, state, and federal agencies fighting this heinous crime.

A year into my crusade, I was able to sit down long enough to write the first edition of The Friendly Enemy. I shared the first edition of The Friendly Enemy with friends, neighbors, my children’s teachers, and with practically anyone who would listen. Some parents of victims begged me to get this information out there, for everyone to know. Copies of the book went to support groups, battered women’s shelters, and parents who recognized this dangerous problem does exist.

My life-long work is to create a resource for the general population to learn how to protect children from becoming victims of one of the most degrading crimes against the human race; and for the scores of professionals who work for the healing, health, and welfare of youth and adult victims of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.

The truth is that it takes all of us to make a difference.


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